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Podcast Equipment Bundle Audio Interface Sound Mixer ALL-IN-ONE with 3.5Mm Condenser Microphone Strong Microphone Stand Set for Live Broadcast ,Recording ,Gaming

  • ALL IN ONE STUDIO MICROPHONE KIT FOR BEGINNER--The package includes: 1* audio interface mixer, 1* microphone, 1* microphone (XLR-3.5MM) cable, 1* microphone duck palm, 1* foam hood, 1* wired earplugs, 1* charging cable cable. 2*3.5mm TRRS audio cable, 1* user manual. We provide a 12-month warranty. The contents of the set are very complete ,easy for beginners.
  • SPECIALL DESIGN FOR LIVE STREAMING --Squarock audio interface sound mixer is designed for live broadcasting and can also be used in most scenarios: broadcasting, games, recordings, etc. It supports simultaneous live broadcast of multiple devices, accompaniment input, microphone input, real-time monitoring, and the noise reduction effect will be better after rotating the NRR knob, and high-quality sound will be produced.
  • WIDELY COMPATIBILITY -- Compatible with Windows, iOS, Android, Mac, Linux etc. This audio interface device can be used for OBS,Audacity ,iMovie and other software and smart phones, PC, play stations, interactive smart whiteboard ,etc., without drive, plug and play. 10 sound effects and 9 functions, as well as two modifiable tones (treble, bass), make the audio interface more entertaining and meet more live broadcast needs. (You can visit our official website to get the Guidance Video, E-Manual.)
  • SPECIAL STRONG MIC SUPPORT -- Compared with other products, the microphone stand set is stronger and more stable. The materials feel good,thick and solid. It can stretch up and down, rotate left and right, and adjust it to the direction required for live broadcast. The microphone shock mount makes the microphone stable and will not shake during live broadcast or recording. A mobile phone can also be placed on the duck foot base for easy access.
  • PRETTY APPEARANCE AUDIO INTERFACE MIXER--The light at the large ECHO knob is as gorgeous as a rainbow, and the lighting effects of the equipment will bring you a full sense of atmosphere. The light effect can be turned off through the button in the function area. The carbon-plated black plastic shell upgrades the feel of the device, and the unique contrast between the matte surface and the mirror surface increases the visual impact and reflects the high-level sense of the device.

Product Description

Squarock’s podcasting equipment is designed to allow people with live broadcast needs to start live broadcasts anytime, anywhere.

The portable podcast equipment kit greatly simplifies the podcast production process. It is very convenient to record or broadcast live in any room and location. It provides excellent sound quality, intuitive display and multiple functions, easy for beginners.

Appearance Features:

Materials--The whole shell has been specially processed to show the dark matte effect. In the upper part of the panel is an entire highly reflective mirror. The shell has a comfortable hand feeling , simple and elegant appearance design.

Atmosphere Light--There is a fantastic dynamic rainbow atmosphere lamp around the knob. You can press the button Back Light to turn on/off the light.

Visual Display--The frequency spectrum is presented in digital form, which is convenient and intuitive.

1*Sound board


2* TRRS cables

2*USB Type-c cables

1*XLR cable


1*Microphone stand set

1*Microphone foam cover

1* Cable tie

1* Manual

Warm Tips:

  • Not compatible with USB microphone or XLR to XLR microphone.
  • The cables of the PC port and the charging port are the same, but only the charging port can be charged, and the PC port cannot be charged.
  • There are instructions in the product packaging and the latest instructions for use. You can download the electronic manual on the same page, or visit our official website for more help.

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