Moredig Night Light Projector Remote Control and Timer Design Projection lamp, Built-in 12 Light Songs 360 Degree Rotating 8 Colorful Lights for Children Kids Birthday, Parties - Black White

  • Distance Is No Longer A Problem --- Don't have to get out of bed or sofa to start or close the light anymore. You can turn ON/OFF the baby projector, adjust colorful lights, songs, timer and rotation easily via the remote control.
  • Auto Off Timer Design --- The baby light projector allows you to set time from 5 - 500 minutes, the whole functions will turn off automatically while the time is end, effectively realize energy saving.
  • Space World / Animal World Projection --- Creates a vivid & colorful sky and jungle animal on the wall and ceiling with these two projection films. Enhance your baby's perception of the height, depth, and three-dimensional.
  • Built-in 12 Soft Musics --- Accompanied by 12 wonderful songs, you can set volume up/down and last/next songs as you like. Babies like to listen to different sounds, appropriate music can exercise your kid's hearing.
  • Soothe and Calm Your Baby --- Babies like to follow moving objects, night light projector can arouse their interest from the color and mobility, thereby calming their emotions and fall asleep quickly. No longer struggling with bedtime!

Product Description

Moredig Star Night Light - Bring you into the space world & animal world and make you feel relax before sleeping!

Ideal for kids bedroom, nursing, wedding decoration, birthday, Children's Day.


How to Get Projection?

  1. Take out the top of white dome and one of the black lamp film.
  2. Power it on by USB cable (Plug type: 5V 1A, not included).
  3. Press the color light button, then the projection will show on the wall and ceiling.


  • The remote control can control a distance of about 5 meters.
  • The remote control needs to be equipped with a battery, model: CR2025 3V (not included).

2 in 1 Night Light Projector 360° Rotating LED Animal World and Starry Projection Lamp For Girls Toys & Kids Toys.

5 Functions Can be Controlled on the Projector Lamp

1. Colorful Light 2. Volume Down 3. Music On/Off 4. Volume Up 5. Rotation

Functions on Remote Control:

The remote control can be control Switch, Timer, Warm Light, Colorful Light, Rotate, Music Switch, Volume Adjustment, Song Settings, Loop or Sequence Play.

Timer Setting:

1. Timing 1 hr. 2. Timing 3 hrs. 3. +5min: Each press to increase 5 mins, touch-hold the button for 3 seconds to quickly set time, Max 500 mins. 4. No time limit: only need connect to the USB cable for power supply.

Music settings:

You can set the last song / the next song/ volume up / volume down / single tune circulation or play sequentially.

Get your kids more closer to sky with the star projection film!

You will see stars, moons, astronauts, orb, rocket, radar and UFO on ceiling and walls, help you bring the universe back home.

There are 12 songs that can help sleep soother toddler. All kinds of projects and music help stimulate your baby's developing senses of sight and sound.

Satisfied your kids’ curiosity, develop their creativity and imagination!

Daughter: Wow~ That's astronaut!

Daddy: Yes, my baby.

Daughter: I like it very much, I want to be an astronaut~

Daddy: Glad to hear that, I will be proud of you!

What animals you can see with the animal world projection film?

You can see elephant, fox, rabbit, fawn, lion, zebra and some flowers and grass on the wall.

If you press rotation button, these animals will 360 degrees clockwise rotation, it looks like they are walking on the wall!

Helps your child learning animals before going to bed!

Baby: Mama! Mama! What's that?

Mama: My honey, it's zebra! they live on the grassland, but we can also see them in the zoo.

Baby: Wow~ I really like it, can we go to the zoo to see zebra?

Mama: Yes, of course!

Space World Projection Lamp

Playing with the projects

Animal World Projection Lamp

Playing with the Animals

Color Light
Projection Film Space World Space & Geometric Figure Space & Animal World Star Moon Sea World & Star Moon

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