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Rechargeable Silent Disco Foldable Headset - 3 Channel Headphones with Light up Design, Personal Volume Control & Memory Foam Ear Pads - Single Pair - Transmitter Not Included

  • Single Pair of noise-canceling & over-ear silent disco headphones: Our headphones are manufactured with premium quality materials and are built with 3-channel to pair with Party Headphones UHF/RF Transmitters. 🎧
  • Transmitter not included and must be purchased to make silent disco headphones work.
  • Play music for all generations and allow your guests to choose which tunes they love the most 🕺
  • Premium noise-canceling over-ear headphones with less than 1% sound distortion. 10-12 hours of battery life at full volume on a single charge 🔋
  • Flood your silent disco in a sea of color with our Party Headphones with pulsing lights that flash to the beat of the music - By far the most stylish Silent Disco headphones on the market.
  • The headphones work wirelessly with 3 channel systems and have 3 color ❤️💙💚 LEDs that illuminate the headphone with the corresponding transmitter channel. Unlock 3 more colors 💜🧡🤍 by purchasing our Color Changing Keypad.
  • Silent event wireless headphones are perfect for Silent Rave Parties, Outdoor Cinemas, or Drive-Ins.
  • Thanks to the foldable design, the headphones are more portable as they take up less space, making it easy to transport the headphones for events.
  • A silent headphone disco is a perfect activation for a birthday party, wedding reception, or corporate event and will leave your attendees with a lasting memorable experience 💃
  • As seen on shows and movies on Apple TV, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime 📺

What equipment is needed for a silent disco?

To make silent discos work you need four things; between one & three radio transmitters, a bunch of wireless party headphones, a music source for each transmitter, and some friends ready to dance. You can't use these headphones without a transmitter.

◆Party Headphones' Silent Disco Headphones deliver superior sound quality and less than 1% sound distortion. 

◆This means a more enjoyable music experience for your guests. 

◆There are many look-a-likes, but none match up to Party Headphones. 

◆Upgraded! Better noise canceling, more sound fidelity, and more durable design Premium noise-canceling headphones Up to 3 channels (requires one Party Headphones' Transmitter per channel) Channel-synced LED lights on both sides (3 colors or 6 colors with optional Keypad)

 ◆10-12 hours of battery life at full volume between each charge Extremely durable and great for long-term, frequent use Compatible with Party Headphones' Transmitter


1x Party Headphones' Silent Disco Headphone 1x Charging Cable Party Headphones' Transmitter required and sold separately

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