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Mini Projector with Wifi and Bluetooth, 1080P Portable Projector Built in Rechargeable Battery/Speaker

  • 1)Small Projector Fit in Pocket:ELEPHAS pico projector is only size of wallet, easily fit it into can take travel projector on vacation or short trips. Litter projector capable enough to be useful for ad hoc business presentations, show photos to 1 or 2 people. Ready enough movie and put them on USB port for movie night on our camping trips or in the backyard.Go professional route with compact projector for cookie decorating. Compatible TikTok Projector for the window projection
  • 2)Excellence Clarity and Contrast: DLP projectors usually a good all-around choice Because DLP's advanced algorithms deliver a remarkably bright 160 ANSI-L image. (Recommended for use in dimmer environments.) It relatively high quality and produce crisp, high-contrast images. DLP technology produces deeper blacks than LED technology. Movie projector can project up to 150"(10-100" recommended) at a projection distance of 1.64 ft to 9.85 ft.Proyector portatil/camping projector/micro projector
  • 3)WIRELESS 5G WIFI CONNECTION:ELEPHAS WiFi projector supports 2.4G/5G, realizing same screen in real-time with low latency. Connect once to WiFi, and you can connect your device to your portable home projector. The latest WiFi connectivity is compatible with iOS and Android. NOTE: Copyrighted content from compatible Hulu, Netflix, similar services CAN NOT be mirrored or screencast. Conect with TV stick by HD port directly through wifi projector to view copyrighted content from these providers.
  • 4) Automatic vertical ±40° Keystone: If you've ever tried to set up a projector you'll be familiar with that: It's the struggle of getting a perfectly rectangular image on the wall. ELEPHAS DLP portable projectors supports automatic vertical ±40° keystone correction, Automatic vertical ±40° Keystone correction aims to solve electronically what is inherently an optical problem. which helps to correct the image quickly.
  • 5)7000mAh Battery & Support Power Bank Charging: Mini projector has a built-in 7000mAh rechargeable battery, What users loved even more about Battery projector has an incredibly long 2.5-hour battery life. It means you can easily make it through a long movie without worrying that the pocket projector will die halfway through. Micro projector also supports power bank charging, So you have no anxiety about battery life when watching movies outdoors,and better enjoy movie nights with your family.

Product Description

  1. Support Bluetooth connection external speaker, make voice quality and volume more outstanding.

  2. 5G WIFi brings a smoother network experience. 2.4G WIFi partition wall performance is better well.

  3. Enjoy the camping time, projector can be full charged in 2 hours, with power bank work all the time.

1 Connecting Bluetooth 2 2.4G/5G WIFi Projector 3 Auto Keystone 4 Rechargeable Projector 5 Full HD Projector
  1. Art creation

    For children, A1 projector is an indispensable good partner in learning and life.

  2. Family time

    It's a good choice to cook with your family on a leisurely weekend.

  3. Good partner for camping

    A1 projector supports a maximum 200-inch projection,Enjoy the movie time anytime anywhere.

  1. ELEPHAS A1 Projector Wifi Connection

    1)Click the “Setup”

    2)click “down” button twice to “Wi-Fi” selection ,and click ““Wi-Fi” selection into “WALN Setting” page

    3)select your wifi and input the password to finish connecting. The yellow icon will be showed after you finish connecting.

    4)You will see the WIFI logo in upper right corner when you finish connecting the wifi.

  2. Wireless screen cast on iPhone

    1. Connect the projector and mobile phone to the same WiFi.

    2. Enter the "iOS Cast" interface of the projector.

    3. Open the "Screen Mirroring" on the phone.

    4. Select "Flexi-A1-A9A6".

  3. ELEPHAS A1 Projector Bluetooth Connection

    Step 1. Turn on the projector, click "Setup" . Press the "Down" button, turn to next page and select Bluetooth to connect.

    Step 2. Click”Search” , select the name of the Bluetooth, click “OK” to connect.

    Step 3. After the connection is successful, "Connected" will be displayed in the top right.

Why cannot watch Netflix and Amazon prime on A1 projector?

Due to HDCP copyright issues,Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney and so on, please connect the projector to your laptop or use Fire Stick to enjoy the video.

Why A1 projector cannot be charged?

When charging the projector, the input current and voltage must exceed 12V/1.5A or 9V/2A, or it can not be fully charged. When the input current and voltage are 9V/1.5A, it can only be charged by 60%.

Why is the projector display available but without audio?

1: The projector or the connected device (PC, TV, etc.) is muted.

2: The video format is not supported by the projector.

3: Fire stick: Enter "Setting" and find "Display & Sound". Then select ''navigation

sounds". Select Stereo for "surround sound".

Can I connect a USB flash drive/hard drive or a mobile phone through the Type-C interface?

No dear, The the Type-C interface only for charging .

Why can't we watch the video after sharing the same screen with the mobile phone through WiFi?

After the screen mirror, if the video exceeds 30 frames per second, the projector cannot watch it. Please set the video below 30 frames per second for normal viewing.

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