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Large Natural Cork & Leather Desk Mouse Pad, Double-Sided Desk Protector, Smooth Surface Mouse Pad, Waterproof Desk Mat for Office/Home/Gaming (32" X 16" Coffee)

  • ⭐ 【MULTIFUNCTIONAL DESIGN】⌨ 💻 Size of 32 x 16 in, this desk pad protector is large enough to cover and protect large area of desk, to accommodate laptop, keyboard and mouse. Its comfortable and smooth surface can be used as desk cover mat, kids desk pad, desk writing and drawing pad mat, desk protector or anywhere you find it suitable. Additionally, it also can be trimmed to smaller size as per need.
  • ⭐ 【EASY FLATTEN, ANTI-SLIPPERY and ODOR FREE】 The desk pad has been processed with special technology to make sure it can be easily flattened. The back side is made from organic cork stripped from the bark of trees, which is eco-friendly and it produces extra friction to avoid easy slippery. Instead of strange smell, it comes with faint fragrance. (There might be little smell when you receive it firstly for being sealed for long, but it fades away in hours)
  • ⭐ 【EYE PROTECTION】 👀 Muted color is used on the surface to prevent irritation to eye by light reflection. It’s comfortable to use electronics for longer time without eye fatigue.
  • ⭐ 【WATERPROOF SURFACE and EASY CLEANING】 ☕ The surface is made of high quality PU leather which is waterproof and easy to clean. The leather surface can be cleaned by towel or tissue and it dries easily. (Tip: Cork surface is not 100% waterproof)
  • ⭐ 【GUARANTEED SATISFACTION】 👍 At TESOBI, we aim to deliver excellent service and exceptional products to our customers. If our products are not able to meet your satisfaction for any reason, you will get a replacement or refund. So, what else can stop you from giving it a try?

Product Description

Premium Leather

Premium Leather provides comfortable flat surface for mouse using, typing and writing.

Natural Cork

Natural cork gives you touch of nature among the concrete and steel.

Premium PU Leather

Natural Cork

Smooth Mouse Using

Mouse using is smooth and accurate on leather side, and touch with temperature


The leather is waterproof and easy to clean with towel or tissue

Supports Writing Well

TESOBI desk pad is 0.07in thick only, it's not too soft or hard which supports writing well even on single piece of paper

12 Colors and 4 Sizes to Choose From

12 Colors: Black, Coffee, Light Gray, Light Blue, Mint Green, Light Pink, Navy Blue, Reddish Brown, Rose Red, Violet, Grayish Brown, Dark Gray

4 Size:

· Small - 24’’ x 14’’ x 0.07’’

· Medium - 32’’ x 16’’ x 0.07’’

· Large - 36’’ x 17’’ x 0.07’’

· X Large - 39'' x 20'' x 0.07''

How to select the suitable size?

The purpose of a desk pad is to provide you a comfortable flat surface for typing, mouse using and writing, and to protect your desk from scratches, stains, and spills. So you may want to cover at least 80% of frequently reached desk area

How to select color?

Bright Environment

If you are using under bright light source, try the deep colors like black, navy blue or coffee. It helps in absorbing strong light and reflect less of it

Less Bright Environment

For less bright environment, try light colors like pink, light blue or violet. It helps lighten up your desk

Office Environment

If you need TESOBI desk pad for office, the best colors are black, gray, coffee or navy blue

Special Gift

The pad can be used in multiple occasions and it comes in a decent package, certainly you can use it as a gift to your loved ones, friend or colleague.

At TESOBI, we aim to deliver excellent service and exceptional products to our customers.

We believe Trust Earns Success, Obligation Builds Influence.

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