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Candle Lighter Long USB Rechargeable Lighter Arc Windproof Flameless Lighter with Safety Switch

  • 【USB Rechargeable & Economical】:USB cable included for your convenience to plug in the power to any USB or charger. Electric lighter without gas required, no fluid required, no flame. One-time charge can last more than 60 times’ use. At least can be charged over 300 times.
  • 【Windproof & Fast Heat Sinking】: Electric lighter arc heating can heat things in a high temperature in a short time.(arc would keep 10s in each time to protect the lighter from too high temperature inside). Made of zinc-alloy, durable and fast to cool down after use. You may use them outdoors and never worry about the crazy wind again.
  • [Rechargeable & Windproof] This lighter includes a USB cable, which can be fully charged in 1-2 hour, and can be used at least 60 times on a single charge. Unlike traditional lighters, this lighter is arc-ignited and has a windproof effect, it will not go out even when outdoors.
  • 【Dual Protection】: At the bottom there is a safety lock, only when you push the lock to the right side can you use the lighter. Controlled by button, the arc tip of the lighter is retractable in case of misoperation. The lighter works only when you push the button upwards. Very safe for families with curious kids.
  • [Timely after-sales] REIDEA have a professional after-sales team. If you have any after-sales questions with your lighter, please feel free to contact us.

Product Description

How many 'lights' do you get out of one charge?

A one-time charge can be used more than 60 times, and it can be charged more than 300 times. Please recharge the lighter ASAP if the flashing indicator keep flashing (Low Power).

Is the lighter easy to use for my mom? She doesn't have the strength to use a traditional lighter.

Yes, simple press the safety switch at the bottom, slide up the ignition switch, she will be able to light the candles faster, safer and easier.

Is the electronic lighter child proof?

Yes, there's a safety switch so your little kids can't light it. The lighter is designed to turn off automatically if it is left unattended with the power on for longer than 10s. (The indicator light will off)

Does the lighter works with deeper/bigger candles?

Yes, the length of the lighter is 6.3"

Things not to do while lit.

Do not touch the arc, for there is a risk of electric shock. The lighter would make a "Zee zee" noise that when lighting, which is high-voltage power generation and will not affect the regular use.

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